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Song for (Soupir Editions, 2020)




Noé Huchard: Piano, compositions

Clément Daldosso: Double bass

Elie Martin-Charrière: Drums


1 Prologue : Opening Choral                                   3:05

2 You Should Feel It Now                                        4:15

3 Astroboy                                                                7:35

4 Don't forget The Roots                                         4:50

5 Embraceable You (G. & I. Gershwin)                    1:31

6 San Rafaël Pt.1                                                       3:33

7 Milestones (Old) (J. Lewis/M. Davis)                   4:05

8 Song for Anna                                                       5:57

9 Sweet And Lovely (Daniels/Tobias/Arnheim)     6:53

10 Hip!                                                                       8:11

11 San Rafaël Pt. 2                                                    5:06

12 Epilogue : Ending Choral                                    6:20

All songs by Noé Huchard except as indicated


album credits

Recorded at Studio Sextan (Malakoff, France) in March 2019

Piano Fazioli F-278 tuned by Jean-Michel Daudon
Recorded by Joël Perrot and Arthur Gouret

Artistic direction: Pierre de Bethmann
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Joël Perrot (Soupir Editions)
Photos by Joël Perrot and Jérôme Bertino
Design by Martin Le Tiec

Released January 21, 2020 on Soupir Editions

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